List of Accomplishments

Larry Werther was part of the team that:


Put Mineola Television on the air

Instituted a Village website

Increased # of Village meetings

Balance Budget every year since taking office

Created a Healthy unencumbered fund balance as required by law

Increased non-tax revenue (building department / court / meters - etc.)

Returned water department to solvency

Brought active management to investing Tax $$

Brought accountability to Village government department by department

Stop Borrowing / reduced outstanding debt by over $6million

Researched and Refinanced Villages Bonds to lower Interest Rates

Initiated Debt Management plan

Recover $$ from Waste Management for overcharging and Air Rights Lease where contractual increases were ignored.

Instituted plan for infrastructure / Road repair

Re-negotiated very detrimental Garage contract with Winthrop

Rental registration law

Slammed Illegal Apartments / landlords

101 Jackson was Apartment Building that was a Blight - Forced Land Lord to bring building to code.  He later sold and building was converted to Condominium.

Better relationship with Business community (Village Government open to Chamber / State of Village address to Chamber)

Participation from Chamber of Commerce in Showcasing Mineola (Taste of Mineola / Mineola in Style)

Brought Mineola Street Fair out of park and onto Mineola Boulevard.

Tax certs – Reassessed Village and instituted Homestead Option to reduce the almost $1 million annual burdon.

Increased # of grants from state & federal government

Negotiated with MTA for resurfacing roads around inter-modal center

Negotiated with MTA for aesthetics for inert-modal center

Adopted our Master Plan

Brought new businesses to Village

Working to increase our tax base

Working to bring senior housing to Mineola

Working to bring Next Generation housing to Mineola

Championed Mineola against Nassau County – selling Court parking fields

Championing Mineola against MTA third track

Had a Great centennial year

Stopped practice of using Village Employees for private entities

Cleaned up graffiti (not at taxpayers expense)

Reduced run away expenses such as overtime

Revitalized parks

Increased funding for Library

Funding for senior groups

Increased return on Length Of Servive awards program through planned investment

Fighting for fair share of sales tax revenue

Fighting for $$ worth in police coverage

Gave residents a CHANCE to have our own PD

New rescue vehicle for Fire Department

Held Verizon accountable for fiber optic box placement

Negotiated Verizon franchise agreement

Revitalization projects in our Downtown, Station plaza and on Jericho Turnpike

Pending law against sex offenders

Continued tree plantings

Responsible for working with Mineola Chamber of Commerce to move Street Fair to Mineola Blvd.

Devised "A Taste of Mineola" and "Mineola in Style" to showcase our restaurants and clothing establishments.

ONLY Trustee who was made an Executive Board member of the Nassau County Village Officials Association

INTANGIBLES – Better “feel” in Village

Village Government more accessible to ALL residents

Getting our voice heard in Town, County, State & Federal circles

Pride back in Mineola