Our Candidate - Trustee Larry Werther

The ORIGINAL Board member who:

  •  Instituted OPEN GOVERNMENT in Mineola
  •  Put Mineola Television on Cablevision and FIOS 
  •  Put the Debt Management Plan in place that returned Mineola to solvency and stopped long term borrowing 
  •  Instituted mandate for Balanced Budgets
  •  Put Rental Registration Law in place 
  •  Institute Village Wide Property Reassessment to bring Tax Certiorari payments under control
  •  Put our Master Plan into place
  •  Increase funding for our Senior Groups and our Library
  •  Put active management in place for Fire Fighter Length Of Service Award Program Funds
  •  Created template for infrastructure and road repair
  •  Responsible for working with Mineola Chamber of Commerce to move Street Fair to Mineola Blvd.
  •  Devised "A Taste of Mineola" and "Mineola in Style" to showcase our restaurants and clothing establishments.
  •  ONLY Trustee who was made an Executive Board member of the Nassau County Village Officials Association
                             And Much Much More
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