Here are the Issues... some affect all of us, some affect some of us.  All need to be addressed.

An Introduction to The Issues

YouTube Video

- Protecting Our Firefighters
a simple new local law could save the LIVES of our first responders

A Local Law to Protect our Fire Fighters

- Back Room Politics
Are more and more decisions are being made in the back room with only the Vote in public? 

Mayor Admits Back Room Deals

- The Winston
was it necessary to give away Millions of Dollars in SCHOOL TAXES? 

was it necessary to give away a Parking Facility that was meant to facilitate traffic flow?
Who is Mill Creek Residential Trust and what happened to Polimeni?

The Winston

- The Churchill
Abdicating our responsibility to OUR Seniors?  Did another Village have a better way?

The Churchil


- The Nassau County Industrial Development Agency
Is this organization the bain of Taxpayers everywhere?  Find out what Mayors, our State Comptroller and our Governor is saying.

- 250 Old Country Road
Another School Tax Giveaway?

- Jackson Steel Property
What can we do to protect the quality of life for our residents by First Street?

Jackson Steel

- Sidewalks
The subject of many complaints.  Do other municipalities have a better idea?


- Our Water Department
Are there issues we need to address for our safety?

- 7-Eleven issue
Would negotiation have saved us tens of thousands of dollars AND been a better solution for our residents?

- Non Tax revenue issues
More money for infrastructure or a tax break for our residents?

Non Tax Revenue

- State of the Village
Are we getting sloppy in our approach to cleanliness?

- The Getty property
a blight for years... ignoring a stain on one of our main streets.

- Listening to Our Residents

- Legal bills
Are these out of control?  Is there a better way?

- Ethics
State law is BLACK AND WHITE.  Are we ignoring State Law on multiple issues and who is to blame?

- Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
taking credit for anothers ideas?

- What could be!
a Dream section to make Mineola better for our residents!