My Home Party, Mineola, NY
"Fidelis Ad Populum" ~ "Faithful To The People"

Welcome to the web home of Mineola My Home party!

When I was a kid back in Ozone Park, we studied the Gettysburg Address.  The final lines always stuck with me.  A Government of The People, by The People and For the People.  That has become a paradigm for the My Ho
me Party.  If you examine our motto, I believe it reflects this, "Faithful to the People."

The Village of Mineola was established to serve the People.  I believe that is something our current Village Board has lost sight of.  We the People who choose Mineola as our home owe nothing to the rest of the world.  If someone wants to come and do business here, they need to prove they benefit our Residents before the Village Board gives its blessing.  Take a look at the multi-family projects being built in Mineola.  The Mayor “negotiated away almost all the tax benefits for the people. He made the Village whole, but badly hurt the residents of the Mineola School District.

Had the first two (of Four currently) come on to the tax rolls, we would have seen around a 9% reduction in our school taxes! With the second two, I would expect that to double. With the new Federal tax law capping State and local deductions, this hurts even more.

Additionally, most of the people I know moved to Mineola because it was a quiet suburban village. The Mayor and his board are turning us into Queens East. This concept of Transit Oriented Development is the brainchild of people who live in affluent areas where structures like these would NEVER be built. These issues are the tip of the iceberg

So, the question arises, why are we running. The answer is simple. We wish to, once again, make Mineola a Government Of the People, By the People and For the People!

Larry, Cristi & Regis

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